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I’ve always had a fascination with the human body. 


Since I was young, I’ve been dedicated to taking immaculate care of this incredible vessel. I’ve passionately taught myself how to best nourish it, feed it, comfort it, and optimize it--and for the most part, I’ve walked my talk. I can honestly say I’ve treated my body preciously.

I’ve also always loved science. I earned a BS in Chemistry from North Carolina State University in 1997. I went on to work as a chemist and later as a consultant in the biotech industry for an 18 year career.

So when I developed a slew of health problems in 2009 - practically overnight, and when I was eating the cleanest, healthiest diet and was in the best shape of my life - I was confused and frankly, stumped.


I started doing what I knew how to do: throwing resources at it. I wasn’t surprised that western medicine had few answers for me. But I also tried acupuncture, psychotherapy, functional medicine, homeopathy, supplements galore, hypnotherapy, chiropractic, meditation, neuroplasticity, yoga  and more. A lot of that helped… until it didn’t.

The reality was that none of it gave me my life back.

I still couldn’t sleep. I was constantly depleted, stressed out, high strung, and depressed. My brain was stuck in fight-or-flight mode and my nervous system was constantly under attack. It took all my energy and mental bandwidth just to go to work, keep food on the table and clean clothes in the closet. 

I was meeting my basic needs… but I was barely surviving, and definitely not thriving.

In fact, I was suffering and I was in a state of deep despair. As time went on, I started accumulating diagnoses - Chemical Sensitivities, PTSD, anxiety, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome - but very few cures or solutions. 


I learned of NeurOptimal® on a podcast and was instantly intrigued. I drew on my scientific background as I poured through the research and came to understand the brilliance of this technology. It made perfect sense!

And then… I gave it a try.

After the first session, I simply felt relaxed. But after the second session, I felt a clarity and focus come over me that I hadn’t felt in years. It felt like my youth had been restored, like I suddenly had access to my 16-year old brain again.

After the fourth session, I stopped reacting to chemicals.  I had spent years protecting myself from chemical triggers in my environment: other people’s cologne, cigarette smoke, laundry detergent, cleaning products, paint fumes, etc. I was constantly terrified of what might trigger me every time I left the house. But after session number 4, it all stopped.

Over the following weeks and months as I continued to work with NeurOptimal®, the brain fog lifted, I became more focused, I got my energy back, and my sleep improved. I began to thrive. I began to see light and not just dark. Now I am joyful and productive and happy.

NeurOptimal® gave me my life back. I hope it will give you yours back, too. 


Of course, bear in mind--every brain is different. NeurOptimal® may affect you at a different pace or in different ways. But the amazing thing is, since the entire process is happening through your brain’s internal direction, there’s no way for it to go wrong.

I understand what it’s like to be gripped by anxiety or never know if you’re going to feel well enough to tackle any given day. Chronic illness can dominate your life and rob you of normalcy, happiness, energy, and ultimately your time on this planet. If you have a chronic illness or just want your brain to be in it's best shape, get in touch today and learn how NeurOptimal® can help you. 

I believe NeurOptimal® is an absolutely amazing technology, and I am so excited to share it with those it can help. To learn more about working with me, reach out today.

***Note: NeurOptimal® is for brain training and optimization and is otherwise exempt from FDA regulation because it does not diagnose or treat medical conditions and is not considered a medical device. 

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