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Your Brain on NeurOptimal®


The human brain is one of the most fascinating, intricate, sophisticated systems that exists!


Your brain is your operating system and controls every system of your body

Your brain determines how you form habits and how you respond to external stimuli

Your brain processes and organizes the immense load of information that you receive every day through your five senses

Your brain doesn’t stop, from your first breath, to your last



Do you know of any computer that’s lasted 60, 80, 100 years, without significant maintenance?


You eat a healthy diet and exercise your body, but how do you care for your brain?

NeurOptimal® is brain training. It's maintenance for your computer

NeurOptimal® keeps your brain functioning at it’s peak and all by tapping into it’s own self-healing capacity


When you learn a new skill or behavior, your brain creates a path of neural synapses, a road map, if you will. As you practice that skill or behavior, the neural connections are strengthened as well. The mapped out route becomes well traveled, until that skill or behavior becomes “second-nature” and is relegated to the subconscious. The brain is dogmatic in its quest for efficiency and will take every opportunity to proceduralize behaviors or make them formulaic. It wants to keep the conscious mind free to receive and manage new information and react to any possible threats. 


As a child, you learned to tie your shoes. At first, it was very difficult. But every time you practiced, you strengthened those neural pathways, until you could do it on auto pilot. Now, when you tie your shoes, you can simultaneously carry on a conversation and really have no conscious memory of every movement required to complete that task. Now imagine the same is true for an undesirable emotional reaction. Think about your learned behaviors of stress, fear, anxiety, negativity, and over-analyzing. Those have all become well-worn neuropathways in your brain. It can be hard to reprogram them in the conscious mind because while the brain creates these neural pathways, it doesn’t have a map for all of them. The brain is blind to it’s own landscape. 


What NeurOptimal® does is offer your brain a mirror, or show it a map of the neural pathways it’s created. It’s similar to looking in the mirror for the first time in a long time. When you finally see your reflection, you will begin to make corrections, fix your hair, straigthen your posture, pick food out of your teeth. You may have been unaware of these problems until you could see your own reflection. NeurOptimal® offers your brain a mirror of it’s own activity and your brain knows what to do to organize itself!


With NeurOptima®l, you may find your sleep is deeper and comes more easily, you may find that you have more focus and better memory, you may feel anxiety and worry fade away, you may find yourself making better decisions or being less reactive, you may be more excited about life, your relationships may improve.

Note: NeurOptimal® is for brain training and optimization and is otherwise exempt from FDA regulation because it does not diagnose or treat medical conditions and is not considered a medical device.

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